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Leon & Co Financial Services Ltd was set up because our sister accountancy practice wanted to be able to further help their clients with their personal financial position and not just the business one.

We can work with business owners to assess their full financial position and make recommendations going forwards, whilst the accountants sort out what has already gone before. Whether it’s help with retirement planning, recommendations on investments, ways to reduce corporation tax, or help and guidance to bring your plans to fruition, we can be there every step of the journey.

As such we are able to help our clients with a range of services which include:

Relevant Life Cover

Many companies choose to provide their staff with a death in service benefit.

We can help by providing relevant life cover, which is effectively a life insurance policy paid for through the business. Not only does this provide the life cover required, but as it is paid for by the business, in most cases it is classed as a tax-deductible business expense.


In most circumstances when you are employed you are provided with a pension which both you and your employer pay into. When you are the director of a business setting up a pension is often way down your priority list; but pensions are very important – they are a very tax efficient way to invest your money and they can add diversification to your portfolio.

Unlike many other forms of investing pensions have a large annual contribution allowance, and paying into them is a business expense, so it can have the added benefit of reducing corporation tax.

We can also help consolidate older pensions into a single more manageable vehicle ensuring effective saving for the future. This means you know exactly where you are at any given time and we can show you what you can achieve with your funds. Pension funds are available as soon as you hit 55, but drawing your pension is not always your best option.

Auto Enrolment

Every employer who employs at least one member of staff has certain legal duties to provide a pension for their employees. Depending on the age and earnings of their staff members there is a legal requirement to automatically enrol and make contributions towards a pension.

We can help by looking at your business set up, assessing the staff, and advising on the most suitable pension vehicle going forwards. Whether your priorities are to provide the best pension for your staff members with personalised and tailored recommendations; or to provide the most straightforward cost-effective solution, we can help.

If you are a business owner, book an appointment with us to see how we can help you and your business.

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